Predicate and Special Wines

Predicate wines include:

  • Late harvest
  • Selection
  • Berry selection
  • Dry berry selection
  • Icewines

Special wines include:

  • Straw wines or dried grape wines

In Slovenia and abroad we are particularly renowned for predicate and special wines, which give character to the Prus Wine Cellar brand.

It’s the predicate and special wines that won the majority of champion awards on Slovenian and foreign international wine assessment events. Grape harvest for these wines takes place from the end of November to February, while grapes for special wines are pressed only as late as March or April. Late harvests and selections are identified by their blue label and blue cap, whereas berry selection, dry berry selection, ice wines and special wines are decorated with a ceramic hang tag, made of twice-baked clay.

High-quality predicates from the Prus Wine Cellar have been completing the wine list of the State Protocol Services of the Republic of Slovenia in Brdo pri Kranju.


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