In the new Prus cellar

Krmačina – the renowned Prus winemaking family from Bela krajina has done it. With their own hard-earned savings and a third of an input of national and European money, which they obtained through tenders, the area next to the existing 120-years old wine cellar is now occupied by a new cellar with 800 square meters of effective surface area, which was festively opened yesterday.

Together with the future bottling plant the investment will exceed one million Euros. “In the new cellar with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology our work will be much easier,” says landlord Jožef Prus. There is enough room in the new cellar to store 200,000 litres of wine; around 40,000 to 60,000 litres are produced every year, of which 90 percent is bottled.

The Prus family produces young, fresh wines and also premium quality wines. They are particularly renowned for their predicate wines. The majority of their wines are sold to the catering industry. They have excellent relations with neighbours across borders, so it is no wonder that people from Croatia often come to Krmačina to buy wine, says Jožef Prus.

(Photo: Dragana Stanković)

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