Beekeeping – Honey

Beekeeping is an agricultural branch of industry. People have been engaged in beekeeping because they love bees and their products, but some also find amusement and relaxation in bees.

In Slovenia we cultivate the authochtonous Slovenian breed, the Carniolan bee. This bee is considered non-aggressive, hard-working and productive; it lives longer than other breeds and is very lively during pasture. Even our ancestors learned to cherish the benefits of their honey, so they started intervening in the life of bees.

Beekeeping has been a supplementary activity of our farm for a number of years. Our grandfather was a beekeeper, and today the head beekeeper is the eldest son Jože, who is also a professional beekeeper.

We have ninety AŽ beehives, which are located in the apiary and within the mobile beehive.

We produce three types of local honey with the following current offer:


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