A Prus for a Russian

Do you want to know what food and drink was served today to the guests at the visit of the premier Putin and his delegation in Slovenia?

Cold starter included casserole from the Bovec cottage cheese with pumpkin and chive bread on dandelion with roasted sunflower seeds. The toast was made with the Stara brajda wine of the Ščurek producer.

This was followed by a warm starter dish with “idrijski žlikrofi” with “jagnječja bakalca” and Pinot Noir wine.

As the main course they served gilthead sea bream fillet and Piran sea bass fillet with morel shrimps, wild garlic puree and fennel.

The dessert includes pie with apple jelly on sponge cake with acacia honey and cinnamon icecream spoon dumpling. Everyone enjoyed the toast with a glass of spectacular Yellow Muscat-berry selection wine of the winemaker Prus from Bela krajina.

At the end coffee was served with a selection of tiny cakes.

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